Jordan 11 » Designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1996, Jordan 11 is very uncommon because it witnessed the return of the greatest basketball player - Michael Jordan. is a pr
vinasy » chappa chaappa charutha chaele
dissertation help » Thanks a lot for your overwhelming participation and appreciation of the different activities The post is pretty good. I really never thought I could have a good read by this time
dame » Hey Ravi, i used to read your blog in chennai. Puhleeze revive your blog!!
Bangalorebuddy » Hey
Bangalorebuddy » Hey
dong thi phuong » girl_ngonghinh_ngaytho
dong thi phuong » girl_ngonghinh_ngaytho
Lubna » AAh, your back, will watch out for your photographs.
Lubna » Hi Ravi: What's up? Been ignoring your blog of late? Hope all is well. Cheers
Ravi » Thanks, Lubna. Wishing you & all readers a Happy New Year!
Lubna » Happy New Year
Caroline Street » I ordered my flowers from American Floral Distributors they arrived on time and are absolutely beautiful, I thank them so much.
Lubna » Isnt it ironical that we despite our politicians as much as we despise the terrorists. Sad times these
Shiv » My new possession : /
Ravi » Welcome back!
Lubna » Hello I had been away for a long time. AM back in cyberspace.
Ravi » Ok, Mohan. Thanks, edgar but taylor as in liz? Gp Sir, in namma bengaluru? Not even written about Sourav with tongue in cheek, pradeep....
pradeep » i have seen you writing some sort of rubbish against sourav ganguly. hold your tongue rascal .
gp » sir...its been long...but ur not going to believe where I am right now
edgar » taylor likes u
V.Mohan » i read ur article on trip to coimbatore&things learnt.Read my
Sid » Next post, saar...
Marutham » Hello ! Happy blogging...
test » test
Ravi » Welgum, welgum!!! Enna konduvaringe enukku?
Shiv » Hey coming to chn in july for a vacation....
Lubna » Hi, Yes this news item on pocket money was pretty shocking. Worse still, when you see kids rumaging in the dustbins to collect food to eat.
Pushan » Great! Batman is awesome. I have the entire series on my laptop. Thanks for dropping by my website too
Alfa King » Hi, just came across your blog. Still exploring. Cheers
Pushan Banerjee » Great stuff mate! Something to ponder about.
Ps » Thanks for Blogrolling me!!
Ps » yywum
Ravi » hi lubna. perhaps you will be more successful using firefox? do try!
Lubna » hello, something seems to be wrong with blogdrive or my network connection. Can see none of your posts, just this chat box. Hope this gets sorted soon
ankur » hi can i get ur e-mail address
jassirawat » WHT IS MKT TREND NOW
jassirawat » what s mkt trend???????????????/
jassirawat » what s mkt trend???????????????/
tarlesubba » hosa site-a daNi?
Ravi » already did...see pics alongside, lubnaji!
Ravi » already did...see pics alongside, lubnaji!
Ravi » thanks, fruitu for that info.
Lubna » Coimbatore.... have fun
fruitu » btw there is no english transalation for the book udayar.
Ravi » Hi all! Thanks for visiting. Drop in a line here. Cheers!
Ravi » Lubna...thanks for visiting and do have a look at the post alongside inspired by your request here
Ravi » Shiv... seen the pics...thanks for sharing!
Lubna » Hi Ravi, Nice blog this, what with all the photographs of food. May I sound like Oliver Twist and say: Please sir, can we have some more, but of landscapes and historical sites please.
Shiv » wow..ravi...that was a sweet post mentioning all ur blog frds there..and abt the pics...i havent uploaded to the photo sites..but they are on u visit orkut??
Ravi » Well, Mukund, my work takes me to Delhi often and I love our capital city, what to do?!
Mukund » Most of your posts are about Delhi? Hmmm
Mukund » Are you in bangalore?
Ravi » That and sheer laziness. But will rectify things, I promise. Happy New Year, all!!!!
Gp » sar sar sar... Ur travelogues are nice...easy when i decide to backpack there hope all iz well...
shantini » It's been quite sometime since u have update ur blog. Busy??
puvanan » Happy Deepavali.. Leaving my footsteps
shantini » Okiezzz. U can add me too. Take care
Ravi » Nope. Go ahead, Shantini!
shantini » hi ravi, do u mind me adding you as my blog links?
Alex » Thanks for describing yourself, sdhs!
sdhs » fucking loser
Shiv » Ravi..chk my blog
Shiv » wats happening there??
sanjay » hi
Shiv » hey the CD from hari...but bad luck cant hear it though...need to wait for another year till am hw are the kinds? hoz my sanjai
Sumeeta » If you approve, pls send me your permission at Thanks, have a good one.
Sumeeta » Hello. I saw some nice pics of Crossword Indiranagar. I am the owner of that aims to showcase all good businesses. Can i use your pics on my website?
Sumeeta » Hello
Shiv » Yea sure..expect an email sure from me..but tats after the NY trip this weekend...NY nagaram urangum bothu....yippeee
sakuntala » heya! nice blog... Nice pictures, too!
Jacques » Hi Ravi, all the best from Amsterdam!
Ravi » @Shantini, Thanks and keep dropping by!
Ravi » @Deepthi: Nope its very much there. Let me check it out again and let you know, one of these days!
shantini » hi ravi. new here. u've got interesting articles posted. keep it going
Dhiraj Prasad » Website design and Development in Bangalore by ValueBound.
Deepthi » Hi Ravi.. I saw your write up on used books and wanted to check out Blossoms but I could'nt find it! Has it moved from Brigade Garden?
Inesa » Wonderful photos of the Temple. Great heritage!
Shiv » wen r the other pics coming?? any trip to chn in the near future? sophie is here tis meets to happen..or shud I say just a meet now tat we are not just bloggers but gud frds too!!
raejane » Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words
R.A. Levin » Apparently the Microsoft / Yahoo deal seems to be dead in the water, according to Yahoo's own news pages.
Shiv » and btw..Mother's day is on 13th sunday!
Ravi » Thanks for the intro, Sandy. Very cool site. Say hi to Bill for me, pls!
Sandy »
Sandy » Noticed your pic at =988 Here's another dog that rides.
Ravi » Thanks, Arvind. Yup, never thought I'd see them here, for sure! Cheers!
Ravi » Arvind! Yes dude, never thought I'd see it / you here! Thanks for dropping by!
Ravi » Hey Vishal, raj, neeraj, Robert, Ashwin, Hem etc....thanks for dropping by, folks!
Ravi » @Vishal, Ashwin, hem, Raj, Neeraj and Robert - hi folks and thanks for dropping by! Cheers!
Arvind » Hey Mam! Never tht you'd see those words on your site did you? :0) Very cool.... and inspiring. Not for the first time.
R. A. Levin » Hey Ravi! Nice to see the updates. I thought you may have been abducted by aliens. Then I realised I was actually looking at the telly and X Files was on.......
Neeraj » Hi Ravi.would like to get in touch with you regarding your help required for bangalorepedia. thanks. Neeraj.
RaJ » I saw your link in KIRUBAS blog. I write on web & application usability. have a look at it. It is
hem » hi
Ashwin » Iím Ashwin, A market researcher and an avid blogger,
Vishal » Hey Ravi, glad to see you're back to blogging! My website has now moved to its own domain and changed a lot, so please update your link to -- take care, keep blogging!
drk » what is ur email id?
drk » what is ur email id?
Rajeev » Hey nice blog u've got here. Hopin to see more from urside. Peace & Love JeeVY
Ravi » Thanks, Shiv