Entry: Star Gazer Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You can get an indication below that I've gotten too lazy for my own good. Even otters were watching the celestial event today while I was snoring! Actually, that isn't wholly true. I was up for the event, but the cloudy skies and moody weather played spoilsport. I swear! Am now waiting for the next event coming up in 2123! :)


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August 17, 2009   03:40 PM PDT
lazy and a lot more. overworked, underpaid, done to death etc etc. :) seriously thanks for taking the trouble to drop in here now and then. take care. am on facebook and post there on the Ah1n1 issue.
August 14, 2009   09:53 PM PDT
Lazy, I'd say. This blog and the other one you created both seem to be neglected. On a serious note, hope all is well and that you are just neck deep in work.

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