Entry: PS: I think you are a PEST! Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Really, it might appear as one of those inexplicable things that I do.

And what a time to happen too - just when it appeared that I was so neck deep in work that I didn't seem like having the time to blog.

Folks, here's another blog of mine that I've just created. Actually, it sort of created itself. Meaning there are so many people who want to be featured in my blog.

Go to here.

Take a look. Have a hoot. Don't forget to comment.



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April 29, 2009   05:14 PM PDT
Hey Ravi,

Wat a timing yaar. Just came bloghopping to your blog and here I am not only a new post coming after a long time, there is a fabulous treat in the form of a new blog.

And I got the previlage to be the first commenter too. Am on top of the world.

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