Entry: Superior canine sense Wednesday, December 03, 2008

It appears that our politicians will never learn. Even so called 'top' politicians like a Chief Minister, for instance.

How do they occupy such posts without possessing an iota of correct etiquette and grace is really beyond me. But then, this is India, you see.

Agreed, the CM's Bangalore visit (instigated by the opposition parties) to Major Sandeep's house to convey his 'grief' and 'sorrow'  was spurned. The right thing to have done really was to have conveyed telephonically to the family his condolences mentioning that he was desirous of seeing them. Then followed it up with a visit.

Instead, the government machinery was put into top gear before his visit - recce trips by his security personnel, sniffer dogs, personal searches & questioning, you know, the bluster and bombastic way in which these things usually get done when politicians drop by uninvited.

Feeling their privacy, anguish and time of grieving violated, the family refused to meet him. Instead of leaving graciously, the CM went on record condemning the family to the dogs.

Now that the 'honorable' CM has realised that his bark is not so great as the public bite, oh, the embarassment of having to say 'Sorry' on national television has come about. One can only imagine his chagrin at having the media & public outcry put, in a manner of speaking, the 'proverbial tails between legs' scenario. Whether his ilk will learn a lesson from this event, one is not so sure.

Doggone it!


PS: I must admit that as a citizen, I don't feel that I'm on superior ground to our politicians after reading the article 'Netas are us' by Jug Suraiya in the TOI today.


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