Entry: Worth reading Tuesday, December 02, 2008

2 articles in rediff.com that must be read by every Indian citizen horrified by the Mumbai blasts.

Ex-rediff.com staffer and Bollywood film-maker Suparn Verma's post in rediff.com asking Mumbaikars to gather outside the Taj Mahal hotel on December 3 at 6 pm. You can read his post here 

The other writeup is by M J Akbar, one of India's best known journalists and commentators. I noticed his earlier article in the recent Sunday's TOI where he ended with a paragraph that really echoed what all of us feel, whether we are Hindu, Muslim, Christian or whatever faith we belong to: 

I am proud of being an Indian Muslim. Like any Indian, I am angry, frustrated and depressed. I am angry at the rabid dogs of war. I am frustrated by the tone-deaf impotence of government. I am depressed at the damage being done to my India.

Continuing on the same vein, his article in today's rediff 'Pakistan will have to pay a heavy price' also merits reading.

Many people forget that India is a tough nation. Toothless leaders have turned India into a soft nation.

Can anyone dispute this?

God in heaven, when are our politicians going to change? How does one kick all of them out and replace them with qualified people who are educated, experienced and who will deliver?


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December 7, 2008   02:46 PM PST
Yes, MJ Akbar's column captured my sentiments.

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