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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Words are all we have...

You know how obituaries read. Very funereal, to say the least.

Words that struggle to capture the loss of the loved one. Translating bereavement and memories into words & feelings - all too short within the confines of a 'box' ad. At times, tending to eulogize the person and elevate s/he to the different status.

Ironically, affectation rather than affection would have been the ruling emotion while the deceased was still alive!!

Which is why this one - starkly different, yet light-hearted and celebratory in tone - was a pleasure to read.

Mr. K Vishwanathan, RIP!

Posted at 12:05 pm by Ravi

February 15, 2006   03:35 PM PST
Re: long lists of child/g.children, i know what you mean! Sometimes, obit's here are like that...
February 15, 2006   11:50 AM PST
i kinda like reading obituaries with long lists of family members that run into great great grandchildren

but its a pain doing them n wording when ure torn from time n space n so much info to give out

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