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Sunday, March 20, 2005
Angst ridden

Ahhhh! Sundays are so magnificent. The sheer pleasure of waking up late, having coffee in bed, a leisurely breakfast, coffee again and moving on to the raison d'etre of Sundays. The Hindu and  Sunday Express. After devouring them whole - column & page - I cannot but feel grateful that, for less than 10 bucks, I've been informed, educated, prodded, provoked and awareness raised.

Anyway, this particular Sunday has all the hallmarks a memorable one. It's given me an oppurtunity to go back and relive my past.

Thanks to Gowri. And her post. 2-3 days back, I stumbled upon it and then, discovered this gem of a website www.kannadaaudio.com. Since then, I've been stealing a few moments often while at work listening to some of those songs. Going the whole hog today, I cannot help but be transported to an era of the late 70's & early 80's. At that time, I spent lots of time with my grandparents, living, smack in the middle of an Anglo-Indian section of Bangalore - Charles Campbell Road. At that time - one could claim - and with little argument -  Bangalore was indeed a clean, green and gracious city. It was a period when music meant melody and they wafted out from an ordinary transistors and captivated you, by their sheer charm and easy-on-the-ear tunes/lyrics. My memories recall a large family indulging in chitter chatter, pitching in to help concoct simple akki rotis/chappatis/biryani/dosai/idlis etc in the kitchen while the ubiquitous  radio belted out those supremely hummable songs. Can I be faulted today if it I'm seized with a terrible, heartbreaking angst? All those memories of happy, wanton, carefree, halycon moments of sheer innocence those days collide with being a part of today's rat race, the 24hr effort to beat time at its game and the emptiness of being a nuclear (or, unclear?) family. Will those carefree times ever come back? Perhaps, only when the final replay comes on.

Noorondu Nenapu
Yede Aaladindha
Hallagi banthu
ananda dindha
Sindhoora bindu......

In an apt comment, Gowri further notes "The 70s and 80s period was the golden era for the Kannada film Industry. Great directors like Puttanna Kanagal, actors like Dr.Raj, Vishnuvardhan, Ananth Nag, Shankar Nag...,soulful music and meaningful lyrics came together to give us wonderful movies. They died a slow and silent death with the demise of stalwarts like Puttanna and Shankar Nag. Looking forward to a time when that glory will return; I hope not in vain."

The contributions of music directors like Hamsalekha (also a lyricist) Ranga Rao as well as singers like SPB, LR Eshwari, S S Janaki, Yesudas who lent their melodious voices to songs that will stay in the hearts and minds of people - wherever we are - must also be mentioned.

As an aside, perhaps my angst springs from seeing daily and with unfailing regularity - the lack of tolerance & acceptance - these days and how quickly we all succumb to jingoism and chauvinism. Instead of pride at being INDIAN and embracing, wholeheartedly, our uniqueness, we find prejudices overtaking us - at light speed - when we meet people other than - so called - our own. If we ignore these artifical differences, perhaps all of us can look forward to living in harmony & peace, every day, instead of craving for times that have long passed.

To help, we can refer to these 4 lines in a song - Keechekiliye - from the film Mugavari:

Isai-odu vandhom
Isai-odu vazhvom
Isai-odu pov-vom

Is it possible?


Posted at 02:31 pm by Ravi

March 23, 2005   09:59 PM PST
wonderful post, ravi! as a former bangalorean, images of the city whiz past my mind's eye while reading your post. makes me nostalgic for the best that bangalore has to offer.
March 21, 2005   03:19 PM PST
Satish....38 is still young, chief! At this crucial age, I have the benefit of hindsight and sufficient experience to go after my very clear, achievable goals. Also, the truly important things in life start to crystallise; we tend to disavow materialism for far more important things in life! You'll understand when you touch these milestones...
March 21, 2005   03:15 PM PST
Hi Kaps...."Saelai kattum penukkoru vaasam undu" from Kodi Parakkuthu...hmm. me haven't heard of that one, for sure! Buts its nice, this inter-state co-operation as far as music is concerned!
March 21, 2005   03:13 PM PST
Karpagam....3 movies, eh? Not at one go, i hope. Boy, you will be bleary eyed the next day beyond belief!
March 21, 2005   03:08 PM PST
Lucky you, Praveen!! Can't help but laugh heartily at the muwahahaha bit! :)
March 21, 2005   01:57 PM PST
thanks for linking up. your post brings a lot of memories. noorundhu nenapu!!
March 21, 2005   01:55 PM PST
hey ravi, thanks for linking up..yeah, an ideal sunday would be to listen to good ol' songs and read up all the papers..do I love that or what!!
I really need to listen to some Kannada songs now..been a long time...
noorondhu nenapu..!!
March 21, 2005   11:24 AM PST
Hey Ravi, thanks a lot for that link and actually quoting something from my comment.
There's another site called udbhava.com for Kannada songs which is pretty good too. Raaga.com of course for Hindi and the remaining South Indian languages.
Apart from the songs, this post brought memories of old times, the great food that was churned out when a number of aunts got together, good old DD, "Nandana" at 9.00 on radio, movie-lunch outing with family and of course beautiful Bangalore where all of it happened.
Do provide a rough translation of the lyrics in Engish for all of us who do not understand one or both of the languages. (I should do that too)
March 21, 2005   09:41 AM PST
70's? 80's? Dude, you r not that old...are you?
March 21, 2005   01:34 AM PST
Your mention of Hamsalekha reminded me of "Saelai kattum penukkoru vaasam undu" from Kodi Parakkuthu
March 20, 2005   08:41 PM PST
the sad part is i don't get an off on sunday...that was a long time ago.. the ideal sunday for me would to be to watch at least 3 movies.. i love doing it
March 20, 2005   08:06 PM PST
Am more relaxed and relieved on a sunday coz I have a holiday on the next day...On Monday, while all the guys drag themselves to office and college, I can cuddle up in my room and get some good sleep :)

Call it saddistic if u wish to, but at times I just can't help going muwahahaha :)
March 20, 2005   06:41 PM PST
Hey C...you've hits bullseye!!! Here I am, on a Sunday, at the OFFICE getting all ready to take on ......... Monday! I hv no complaints though...i've had my nth coffee and finished reading the Hindu again b4 coming here... ;)
PS: May I suggest the Sunday Express to u too? Its a good read!
March 20, 2005   06:23 PM PST
hey.. me no understand kannada.. but me understand the last lines.. that's a good song!

and wats a sunday w/out coffee and The Hindu ;-) except those rare times when u have 2 move ur butt n get 2 office 2 finish up some work.. grr..!!!

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